Deepak Gupta

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Professional Summary:

Armed with the drive, motivation and self-determination to succeed, I have continually provided above average results while also learning and developing along the way. I work extremely well independently as well as within a team to deliver measurable results based on the business goals. I am a responsible, self-motivated, smart working, dedicated and always considerate of others.

I come from a Java background where I have been developing several tools and solutions over Java and it's associated frameworks like Spring/Struts using the Agile methodology.

I have primarily been building tools for SysOps/DevOps which can vary from automating tools to monitoring services, web applications, exposing restful API's or creating interfaces using CORBA to facilitate communication between systems deployed over diverse platforms and have also extensively worked with messaging queue services like Rabbitmq and Apache Kafka. I was responsible for the setup, clustering and monitoring/maintaining the entire fleet of messaging services(both RabbitMQ and Kafka) which served as a mechanism for intercommunication to over 300 microservices in HA mode without downtime. Besides I have also been working on Blockchain Technology and have developed a few projects on Blockchain and created own cryptocurrency for testing/learning purpose.

Implemented Disaster Recovery management system over Docker and Kubernetes and also migrated existing pre-prod and staging environments over Docker. I also have also contributed extensively in making different dashboards as part of key performance indicators for multiple clients and have architectured scalable cloud-based(AWS/Azure) applications with extensive use of load balancing tools like HA Proxy, Nginx.

Currently, I am working as a Corporate Trainer, where I train people from various organisations across the globe primarily on DevOps tools and techniques.

Work Experience:

  1. Freelancer (June 2018 onwards)
  2. DevOps Lead, MoveinSync Solutions (January 2018 - June 2018)
  3. Systems/DevOps Engineer, Myntra Designs(June 2016 - January 2018)
  4. DevOps Engineer, Knowlarity Communications(February 2015 - May 2016)
  5. Software Engineer - Wipro Technologies(November 2011 - January 2015)

Software Skills:

  1. Programming: Python, Java, Golang, Nodejs, C(Agile/Kanban Methodology)
  2. Web Frameworks: Django, Spring Boot, Flask, Falcon, Spring Cloud
  3. RDBMS: MySQL, Postgresql, MariaDB
  4. NoSQL: Cassandra, Dynamodb, Rethinkdb, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB
  5. Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Shinken, Zabbix, Sensu, Icinga2
  6. Build Tools: Jenkins, Jira, Gerrit
  7. Cryptocurrency: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger
  8. Load balancers: HA Proxy, Nginx
  9. CDN: Akamai, CloudFront, Cloudflare
  10. Web/App servers: Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn, uwsgi, tomcat
  11. Configuration Management: Ansible, Saltstack, Fabric, Puppet, Chef
  12. Protocols/ Architectures: REST, CORBA, SNMP, HTTP, TCP/IP, SIP, Wireshark
  13. Cloud/ Virtualizations: AWS, Azure, Heroku, OpenStack, Vagrant, KVM, Docker
  14. Visualizations: Grafana, D3, Kibana, Talend
  15. Others: RaspberryPi, Spartan 3E, AVR, Elasticsearch, Induino, Arduino, MOSHELL, Debian Packaging, freeswitch, WCDMA, LTE, 3PP, NMS, EMS, FCAPS, RNC, RBS, Scribe, Logstash, Fluentd,heka

Projects Summary:

  1. Disaster Recovery

  2. Creating DR infrastructure, requirement gathering and creation of Kubernetes cluster on bare metal servers and implementing the deployment pipelines - blue-green and canary Infrastructure & service monitoring, sending alerts over slack and SMS

  3. Payments Service:

  4. Create payments service for facilitating payments transactions using Java and Spring Boot and implementing analytics with Talend to monitor the payments/orders. Invoved in Sprint Planning, Requirement gathering, Architecture planning, writing unit test-cases, coding configuration of the cluster, managing shards/replicas of the payments database, coordinating UAT and SIT and load tests

  5. Centralized Log Management:

  6. To monitor logs centrally, we needed a powerful tool. Elasticsearch is what we choose for this project and developed on top of Java using Spring Cloud. Initiated the requirement gathering, created UML diagrams, architecture planning, automated deployment & configuration of the cluster, managing shards and the replicas for elasticsearch cluster, analytics on the data using talend

  7. PCI Compliance:

  8. Ensured the Payments setup is PCI DSS compliant by creating network segmentations for servers(DMZ environment) and implementing Intrusion Detection Systems(OSSEC/Alienvault) & patching(Spacewalk) the air gapped systems. Responsible for getting the VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing)

  9. Apollo:

  10. App deployment via one click using Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes by automatically creating templates for tasks using jinja2 templating systems and wrote executors, setting up Jenkins jobs etc.

  11. Sethji:

  12. Track AWS/Azure Billing Charges Bill analysis using ETL & Setup the billing management stack on python and flask reduced billing costs by 25% by identifying overprovisioned/unused services etc.

  13. Graphite Grafana Integration

  14. monitor services, function calls, throughput, response code status, revenue etc. Requirement gathering, UML, coding, writing automation, configuration and deployment on Python

  15. Monitoring Setup

  16. Monitoring for complete Infrastructure Setup monitoring for our infrastructure(hybrid) over Icinga2/Zabbix and Talend Ensured High Availability of Services

  17. Daily Operations

  18. Day to day operations Developing new features over Java/Python/Golang Security Audit - Implemented IDS, DDOS mitigation via fail2ban packet tracing/filtering using Wireshark Recovered security vulnerabilities in infrastructure Implemented key rotation policy Implemented HA and reliable RabbitMQ cluster in the infrastructure which served as a backbone for intercommunication between microservices(close to 200+ microservices) with 0 downtime DNS, LDAP, Monitoring, Load Balancing over Nginx/HA Proxy setup network planning for infrastructure migration reduce data transfer costs & improved performance subnet planning helped reduce the complexity of whitelisting services/IP’s Helped setup Azure account with basic services like DNS, LDAP, monitoring

  19. Clickstream Analytics

  20. A single point to handle all clickstream data and do analytics on that Integrating the existing SQL databases with ETL(Talend) and creating dashboards Fine details like demography, geographic locations, time etc were extracted Used the analytics data to create recommendation engine

  21. WRAN CM OSS-RC (Operational Support System – Radio & Core)

  22. OSS-RC is a comprehensive domain manager for network infrastructure deployed with operators around the world integrating and managing a wide range of network components. Together with IP and Broadband offering, it’s a comprehensive solution for total network management of the telecommunications infrastructure Design of OSSRC products, configuring network elements of OSS-RC using Spring/Java Sprint Planning, Requirement gathering, Implementation for new changes proposed, creating user stories followed Test Driven Development, Coordinating in SIT, UAT

  23. Cloud Adapter

  24. Integrate cloud services with services on physical machines for centralized monitoring Set up the development environment, configurations, writing test cases using J-unit wrote authentication modules, schedulers, startup scripts, managing notifications on Java

  25. Billing Framework

  26. The most challenging work for any organisation, taking care of different types of contracts etc. Created the Billing Framework using Python and Django

  27. NDNC Deployment

  28. Being a telemarketer, we can call only to non-dnd registered numbers TRAI only provides dnd data in form of CSV(500 million rows) Challenge was to develop our own NDNC scrubbing solution and keep it updated using Spring Boot Requirement gathering, UML/flow diagrams getting the NDNC data, feeding the data into our database, writing API's, automated product deployment automation, performance tuning etc. using Python/Falcon and RethinkDB

Side Projects

  1. Developed several multiplayer games in Python, e.g. Stopwatch, Pong, Memory, Spaceship, Blackjack & Rice Rocks Full Game
  2. RTL design & Synthesis of a 32-bit Microprocessor using VHDL
  3. Our goal was to design a 32-bit microprocessor in VHDL, which will perform arithmetic and logic function that is on a standard 32-bit microprocessor Target Device: Spartan 3E Tools Used: Xilinx 9.1, Modelsim SE 5.7f

  4. Blockchain Signalling System
  5. Used blockchain for Signalling DDOS attacks in a cooperative & distributed network defence

  6. Real-time Bitcoin Price Monitor using Arduino
  7. Decentralized fleet tracking with blockchain
  8. Asset tracking mechanism in a decentralized fashion. Each action, event, alerts were stored in the blockchain

  9. Developed an own cryptocurrency for testing purpose using Litecoin

Awards & Achievements:

  1. Maestro Award for Making a Difference in the Account
  2. High Flyer Award for individual contribution in the Account


  1. Big Data, Cloud Computing, & CDN Emerging Technologies
  2. Blockchain for Developers
  3. Interfacing with the Raspberry Pi
  4. An Introduction to Interactive Programming with Python(RICE University)