Mac Shortcuts

Keyboard Tips

  1. The Delete key works like Backspace if you are from other platforms. To delete on the other direction, press Fn + Delete
  2. The Backspace will feel slow by default. This can be changed in Keyboard Preferences by making "Key Repeat" fast & "Delay Until Repeat" short. Ref:
  3. If you are missing Home & End keys, it is Command+ Left Arrow & Command + Right Arrow
  4. If you are missing Page Up & Down keys, it is Command+ Up Arrow & Command + Down Arrow
  5. Mouse/Trackpad Tips:

    To Drag something, Select Text, you can press the mouse button and drag it. If you are familiar with Double Tap & Drag like in Windows, Linux, You can have the same settings enabled in System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse & Trackpad >Trackpad Options -> Enable Dragging Without Lock. Ref: Navigation: Command+Down To Open a Folder/File or to launch an application from keyboard Command + Up To go one level up in finder Ctrl + Up To Bring Mission Control Command + tilde To Switch windows of same App Command + h To hide the window / To enter/paste a path in Finder Window (Open, Save Dialog boxes) Terminal: Ctrl+a To go to the beginning of line, Ctrl+e to go the end of line. The Link has more shortcuts: Tweaks: Show Full Path in the title bar: defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES killall Finder Ref: Copy Path of selected Folder/File: Ref:

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